Visit the Gig Harbor Marina and Boatyard

Recently we had friends from out of town stay at the The Gig Harbor Marina and Boatyard, giving us an opportunity to see up-close-and-personal what a cool place it is!

A long-time fixture in the Gig Harbor community, the Marina dates back to the early 1900s. These days, however, it provides much more than simply boat moorage and repair. Today’s GH Marina is just as well-known as an event venue, training facility, and hospitality suite, and is a hub of daily activity on the waterfront.

Customers will find well-maintained docks and moorage slips, haul out and repair services, technology and vehicles to maintain every caliber of boat, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a up-to-date and responsive website for convenient payment and service requests (we always find a good website to be a big plus!). The Marina is also a sought-after event location, offering a gorgeous, covered, open-air venue (hello weddings, concerts, receptions; you name it!) as well as a beautifully-renovated apartment with two private decks overlooking the waterfront, available for booking through VRBO.

There are also boats available for booking as hospitality suites, including The Eagle, originally built for musician Steve Miller. Our friends stayed a few nights on The Eagle and it was fun to play Steve’s keyboard (original to the boat) and listen to his record albums (yes, real old vinyl) on the stereo. It was blast from the past and had us humming, “Fly like an eagle … to the sea . . . let my spirit carry me . . .” for days afterward!

Perhaps one of the most fun aspects of the Marina is the little red trolley car nestled on the lawn out front. It’s technically not affiliated but it’s certainly a fixture on the premises, and serves up delicious food for guests and passersby alike. You should check it out: stop by for some fish and chips or fish tacos or any of its other tasty offerings, and enjoy a “taste” of this iconic Gig Harbor gem!

(c) 2018 Doug Lawrence Real Estate. All Rights Reserved.

Doug Lawrence is a foodie, travel junkie, and 80s music fan who supports his adventures by working as a real estate broker based in Gig Harbor, Washington. Give him a shout if he can help you with your real estate buying, selling, or investment needs, not only in Gig Harbor, but anywhere around the world.





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