(Close) Quarters for the Holidays

As much as I love summer and sunshine, winter—and the holiday and festive occasions it presents—is by far my favorite time of year. I am a sucker for the lights and music and the food (and did I mention the food?)! But for me, the “the most wonderful time of the year” is all about family and friends.

My wife and I have a large family and we love to hang out together. We also like to maintain an open-door policy with that rather large family and any of their friends. This offer of hospitality will often include an overnight stay or two at Stone’s Throw, our home.

If the holidays will be bringing overnight guests to your house too, you may be looking for some ideas about how to accommodate them. With that in mind, here are some helpful ideas to provide the warmest and most inviting guest spaces for the holidays. (Guest room not required.)

  1. Create a warm welcome and environment. Fresh towels, chocolates on the pillow, and a bottle of water or two close by, and do not forget an extra amazing cozy blanket.
  2. If your living room doubles as your spare room, be creative by creating an area that lends itself to sleeping. Add a screen for privacy and invest in a good quality airbed. Add as many bedroom-type touches as is practical. Create a little nightstand and a place to charge a cell phone.
  3. Also remember: when your living space doubles as a sleeping space, be sensitive to your guests’ need for rest. When we have a houseful, we often will give our master bedroom to guests and we will use the airbed in the living room. This especially helpful if your guests have a little one. Plus, it allows us to move about late at night or early in the morning and not disturb our guests.
  4. Make an effort to provide a space for luggage and personal belongings. No one wants to have to keep moving their stuff every morning and back again in the evening. A luggage rack or closet, or even a private corner of the room, are some ideas.
  5. Be sure to help your guests feel at home. Share house rules if any and direct them to all provisions and amenities (food, drink, hot tub, Wi-Fi password, TV remote instructions, etc.)
  6. Keep yourself sane. Go for your walk or run in the morning and drink your glass of wine in the evening. Be flexible with everything else.
  7. Not everyone loves your furry friends as much as you do. If you are a little tight on space this holiday, consider boarding your pets to allow for less congestion. We will be boarding our two dogs for a few strategic days this month.

I love this time of year and I look forward to sharing it with family and friends both near and far. I hope you, too, are able to take the most of this amazing opportunity to enjoy this time of year—along with all who will gather in your home.

Doug Lawrence is a licensed broker with Keller Williams West Sound in Gig Harbor, Washington, serving Pierce and Kitsap Counties and referring across the United States and around the world.  Whatever your real estate needs may be, now or in the New Year, you can find him at www.douglawrencerealestate.com.

(c) 2017 Doug Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.



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